Powder coating

Conveyor line powder coating oven with automatic entrance polymerization. Speed - 2 m²/per minute.

Pressure contact welding

The enterprise has a plot spot welding machines with a capacity of 25 kW.

Assembly line

- Total length - 50 m;
- The number of jobs (transitions) - 12 units;
- The size of your work-table – 1600 x 1000 mm

Metal bending

The section of bending is equipped with hydraulic bending machine with the software tool positioning with a nominal force of up to 400 kH and the bending length of 2 m. And also widely used in the company manual bending machines.

Manufacture of parts

Injection molding machines can produce parts for mold injection volume up to 1250 cm³ (1.1 kg).


The section of bending is equipped with stamping crank and hydraulic presses with rated capacity from 250 to 2500 kH.