Ukrainian-made kitchen hood interested foreign buyers

From 15 to 19 October in the Chinese metropolis Guangzhou was the most massive international exhibition-fair of imported and exported goods Canton Fair 2012. In search of new suppliers here brought together representatives of trade organizations from all over the world. Ukrainians are also here and not just as a visitor.

Among the exhibitors stands out designer's stand of plant "Radiator" (Kiev region) a worthy competitor companies from Europe and Southeast Asia. Management of the Ukrainian company decided to find partners for Canton Fair 2012 not by accident. The plant is equipped with the latest equipment, has a professional team, and enough capacity to produce large amounts of industrial products from sheet metal.

Завод Радиатор на международной выставке в Китае

For several years, the company Pyramida, the market leader in kitchen hoods, places at the plant «Radiator» orders for the production models of the KH, TL, WH, GH. These models of kitchen hoods were presented at the exhibition stand of the plant "Radiator", as well as unique prototypes that are not yet available in the mass market. Завод Радиатор на выставке в Китае The high level of Chinese exhibition of import and export of goods, which is known in the world under the name "Canton" demonstrates public support from the Ministry of Commerce of China and the National Board of Guangzhou Province. Organization of this major event's attends China Foreign Trade Center. Canton Fair is carried out from 1957. It has the status "exhibition number one of China" due to its long history, the extent and variety of products that are popular with foreign businessmen, and a huge turnover.

canton Fair 2012

The 112th Canton fair strikes with exhibition space – it is more than 1 160 000 square meters. In its halls accommodated about 60 thousand of stands, 63.43% from total number of visitors, businessmen from 213 countries. In 10 top of exhibitors included Hong Kong, United States, India, Taiwan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia and South Korea. Ukrainian factory "Radiator" was presented at the International pavilion and attracted the attention of not only stylish stand and original samples of products, but also a proud banner "Ukraine". Even visitors to the pavilion, which are not related to the production and sale of kitchen hoods, went to the stand to congratulate the Ukrainian company on debut.

Plant "Radiator" was one of the largest enterprises of the SSSR for the production of cast iron radiators and special casting. During the year it produced products on 10 millions of Soviet rubles. In 1996 the company closed. New history of "Radiator" began in 2006, when the factory was bought and restored by the manufacturer built-in appliances Pyramida.

The new owner has kept all the best traditions, and it is of high quality products, and social support of the population of the city Rzhyschiv, which in his best years prospered thanks plant "Radiator".

Стенд. Вытяжки украинского производства на выставке в Китае. Завод Радиатор